Welcome! I am Rolandas Žigonis.
Here you can find and buy my art.

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Inner Woman
The Child's Way to the Mother of Eternity
Bee. Tear of the Sun
Swamp Garden
Venus the Mother
Chameleon. Hiding Soul.
Returning Home
Palace of Perkūnas
The Birth of the Suns
Woodpecker drumming as a heartbeat of the forest
Raven Flight
Poem of the Waves
Tyr sacrifice his hand to the great wolf Fenrir
About Laumė and Aitvaras
The Dawn of Life
Walking the Sun Path
Ocean Storm
Sky Father
The Octopus and the Garden of God
Lion Source
Home for Childhood
Patterns flowing in the water
Three goats to the church
A metaphysical meeting of a girl and a bear (Sold)