My story begins in Lithuania, but art is where my journey starts. Trained as a painter and then as a painting restorer at Cambridge Regional College and my homeland, I started working as an art director in one of the largest advertising agencies in Lithuania. However, after 6 years, an overwhelming desire for a more profound knowledge of the universe and myself woke me up from the corporate dream. I traveled to search for the answers in the Andes and the Amazon jungle. These spiritual journeys have opened up to me a unique perception of the world. The sensation of the subtle world and Nature has become the greatest source of inspiration.
Thanks to all the experiences, I can finally walk my artistic path guided by my heart.

Process. The art of painting and the art of living mean the same to me. I find creativity and subtle self-knowledge inherent factors. Spiritual quests and existential issues have had a significant impact on discovering constant sources of inspiration, which has led to an inner eyesight for a permanent vision. Nature and Space inspire me without separating them from my inner and outer self. By erasing the boundaries, I get a chance to paint without any evaluation, to create paintings as they are being born with all their expression. Formlessness acquires shape and vice versa. Living the moment, gratitude for every step or breath taken bring me a variety of ideas. Sometimes they come visually and almost complete; all I need is to embody them. Other times, ideas light up like sparkles, as a combination of words or abstract thoughts. Then they take some time to mature within me and resonate with my outside world experiences. Only after a while, the idea is ready to be implemented.